Apr 14 2012
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playstation has come a long way since the ps1. they are much more then a gaming system. on todays consols you can watch movies and tv shows. you can show photos of freinds and family. i love useing my ps3 and vita for gaming but more then half the time im surfing the web or watching netflix. i love useing my ps3 to its fullist. with playstation as soon as you think you have used it all playstation adds another awesome app/game to the psn. plus its all free witch is also a reason to love playstation even more. then theres ps plus witch i have been a member of since i got my ps3 about 3 years ago. with that  you get free games EVERY month i love it. with in one month it pays for it self.with early access to games.discounts on games. you even get early access to QORE when it was on. witch was a awesome show that you should bring back.then playstation is the only one with the exsclusives like twisted metal, god of war, journey,little big planet. you gotta love the stuff that you can only get on playstation. now we even get the best portable on the market with the vita. witch has a touchscreen, a touch pad, TWO analog sticks and 3G. i havent put mine down since i bought it at launch. with playstation you can NEVER STOP PLAYING long live play for the next gen.

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