Jun 30 2012
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playstation tour (LBP karting!)

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i had the awesome experience last night to see the playstation tour at summerfest in milwaukee wisconsin! pretty awesome semi lol.  i got to try out little big planet karting, with the PS MOVE steering wheel.  not familiar with MOVE, cuz i dont have it, but it seemed really hard to control the kart in game. but pretty neat game, just like mario kart really.  i also got to try out playstation all stars battle royale. similar to super smash brothers. i was playing as Kratos, and fighting, fat princess, nathan drak, and that joker guy from twisted metal, i forgot his name.  but really cool experience, if it comes near you, check it out!  there were other games in there too.  i cant remember all of them, some of them were released games like MLB the show 12. there was an SSX game,  and a few others.

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