Feb 08 2011
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playstation "minis"

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what are minis? can u download, and play them on the ps3, or, are they only for psp's?

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Re: playstation "minis"

Feb 8, 2011

Mini's a basicly small game, you can think of them like Flash Games. (since all mini's resemble flash games, and there are some flash games that are the same game as some mini's) They can be played on PS3 and/or PSP, mostly all of them can be played on both, however there are some Mini's that only work on PSP. (also note if you download one, and in the icon description it says PSP, that doesn't mean anything, I had a few that said that but still played on PS3.) to be sure just go to the PS3 section under games and click on PS3 mini's all the ones listed there will play on PS3 and PSP.

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