Apr 08 2013
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need information!!! please help.

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So I apparently have 4 consoles with my PSN name activated currently. I had an old PS3 and it broke so I sent it in and they refurbished it and sent me a new one. I guess that console never got deavtivated. I just re-entered my login info on my new PS3 and it worked. But I put my PSN info on my nephews console as well, and after a while he stopped using my name and ranked up his name, and stopped using it. So I just told him to delete my user name and login info and stuff and he did, but he didnt deactivate it from his console. But I dont have access to that console, he lives in a totally different city, and last I heard his PS3 broke and he hasnt gotten a new one. So I know for sure my info is probably activated on my first broken PS3, my new refurbished PS3, as well as my nephews broken PS3. Also, on my brothers PS3 I have my login info on there, but I/He never uses it but its still activated. Anywho, the main question I have is, if I deactivate  ALL CONSOLES, will I lose my stats, downloads, paid for games, etc? Can I just re-enter my info again on my current console and everything be there like i never deactivated it? Also, if theres more than one user on a PS3 and I deactivate it (like on my brothers for example he has my user name as well as his user name, does deactivating a PS3 system mean everything on the PS3 is deactivated or just the user name you are logged into is 'deactivated' and/or what exactly does deactivate mean?) Someone please clear this up for me! To me, deactivate means  the PS3 wont be able to be used again? Or I'm not sure but its really confusing! So can someone help? Can someone please tell me what deactivate means and if I deactivate, will I lose all my data, can I re-enter the info and it all be the same. I have a lot of saved data, games, purchased games, etc. I dont want to log back in and I be at lever one in MW3 or Black ops 2 when Im already prestiged! I would be so mad. Someone HELP!!!!!!

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Re: need information!!! please help.

Apr 8, 2013

So. Deactivating a PS3 means that the console associated with the account can no longer use that account's content. Nothing will be affected other than the PS3's ability to play your games and DLC. You can easily reactivate it at any time, but keep in mind that the limit for activated consoles nowadays is only two.


Deactivating your brother's PS3 from your account will not affectt his stuff in any way. The only change will be that he will no linger be able to, as I said above, play your games, or use your DLC.


You can get in contact with Sony to deactivate your consoles here:


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