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Re: need for speed:most wanted

Dec 11, 2012

mujahid96 wrote:

Hey I have the ps vita and need for speed.  To be honest, NFS: MW isnt a good game and the vita isnt a good system.  i say you should buy the wii u and a mario game with it.  I seriously regret buying the vita and all the games for it.  Take my advice and but the Wii u

OMG ROFL LMFAO!!!  A Wii U. LMAO..  You do realize when the new PS4 and xBox comes out, the Wii U will be so obsolete LOL...  if it isn't already..  Sales don't seem good for it.  I called my local wal-marrt and they actually have both the white and black units in stock now...  How many days before Christmas??


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