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myPlayStation Story

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Back in 2000 I remember playing on my NES, I had some great time spent on videogames. Than during the same year I don't really remember what period it was I saw at my friend's house a new light in gaming and this light was coming from his PlayStation Console. I was very surprised to see something really different, a new controller, a CD-Drive on a console, a Memory Card and lots of games that already come out by that year. Now I know that 2000 was almost the end of console cycle, but back than I was so happy to become a member of new community of entertainment that I didn't cared even if new console PS2 come out. Yes, I couldn't even realize that in the same year than I saw the PS at my friend, the new Console a.k.a PS2 was released in all major regions of the earth. I was so passionate by first PlayStation and the games that were released on that console, so I started to save money for my new home console (PlayStation). It took me a year and a couple of months to gather the amount of money so I could buy my first PS console. I think that at the time I bought my PS, most of my friends already started to think about next-gen console, but I, I was so into my console and the only game I had it was Final Fantasy VIII. I played like over 200 h and wanted more, cause I really enjoyed the story of this game. After a couple of years I gathered more games for PS1 and played them and completed, but time doesn't stand still it running and very fast I will tell you. More games were released on PS2 and the collection started to become bigger and bigger. In 2004 a started my research about gaming industry, I read some old magazines, asked my friends, searched some info over internet and I found it, I found the information that in 2000 Sony released PS2 and I was like 'OMG', I want to see it. I asked one of my friends to ask one of his friend from another group to show me the PS2 and one really unique game that I really wanted to see was Metal Gear Solid 2. I know some may say that this is not the best game in series and other may say that this was a great entry to the series for introducing a new character, but for me after completing 7 times Metal Gear Solid on PS, I really wanted to see Snake on new hardware and believe me "it was an excitement that I will remember till the end of my live".


This was the start for another console story. After another couple of years I already gathered a new amount of money and bought the PS2 and already knew that PS3 was released and their Portable Device on the way, but Sony didn't stop to support PS2 gamers, so I was really happy to see some good projects ( ex. Persona 4) even after 8 years have been passed since they released PS2. My PS2 was a fat one and was imported from Japan in my country and I didn't realize that Japan consoles were the best, cause they really were great pieces of hardware. As a consumer of Sony and especially PlayStation products I really liked and like their hardware quality.


As years passed since my first PlayStation I understood one thing that PlayStation Community has become even stronger and bigger, and with the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, I decided after so many good reviews and support from Sony to buy my PS3 Slim Hardware with Uncharted 2 and the day of my package has come. I obtained one of the best games of this generation and of course a sleek piece of hardware. I was really impressed buy it's design and how quiet it is. So no doubt that Sony engineers had maybe a beautiful job in bringing this new re-born baby hardware to the world. I know that some of PlayStation customers will think that Slim was bad idea with no backwards compatibility and with the remove of Linux Support, Sony had made a great mistake in their history. But I really wasn't that interested in Linux nor in playing my old PS2 games on my PS3, I was and I am interested in PS3 software. So now I would like to see more a support of high quality projects for PS3. Also there is a lot to tell about games that revolutionized my gaming experience on PS3 and PSP, maybe in near future on my PSVita but I will stop here with "myPlayStation Story"


Hope you enjoyed the story and thank you Sony for the great moments in my life!


P.S: Sorry for my english grammar Smiley Happy.


"Happy Halloween Everyone!"

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Re: myPlayStation Story

Oct 29, 2012

Don't worry that's how they put the story for to learn grammar and to have grammar it has to be like in the book look at mines post called horror brings connections to gamers I don't care if mines is not that perfect. I just enjoy writing. Good story here a kudo point for a good story.

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