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Sep 28 2012
By: honorax_123 First Son 1 posts

my ps3 story

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I used to own a 360, but always enjoyed more playing with my friend's ps3. The graphics, and online experience were totally different, I was really jeallous. A couple of months later, my 360 broke (red ring of death) and since I had previously owned a psOne, and ps2, I thought it was time for me to finally get my own ps3. I went to gamestop and bought a 80gb (Fat ps3) + an extra controll and headset, and by that time, for any purchase over $100 you would get a ticket for a chance to win a 250GB ps3 slim. 6 days later, I received the email saying I was a winner, and since that day (almost 3 years ago) I have been a proud owner of a console that has given me, my family and friends hours and hours of entertainment, and since the beginnings of this year my dad has declared himself king of the ps3 by beating me and my brother in blackops during the evening, and watching documentaries and his favorite shows on Netflix at night. Thanks sony and thanks PlayStation for creating a console that can only be described with 1 word: PERFECT.
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