Oct 12 2012
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my playstation story

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This is my story hope you like it Robot Happy

When I was young maybe 3or4 years  my brother teach me how to play PlayStation 1 and I say it’s hard to play but my brother teach me how to play it . first game I liked on ps1 is metal gear solid then resident evil.

then after few years when the PlayStation 2 has been released  I’ve got to Sony  store and we bought the ps2 and first game we bought with metal gear solid 2 and final fantasy x and I was very happy about buying a new console.

then when the psp has been released we was at Malaysia So I bought psp from there with: metal gear acid and ridge racer.

then when finally ps3 has been released me and my family got to Sony store and get the ps3 bundle with : resistance :fall of man and motor storm and extra one controller. it was my first greatest unboxing ever!

then now when psvita has been released I’ve got it the first day it released and first one who got it from the store . I’ve got it  with 8gb memory card and rayman origins .

This is my story  good bye .

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