Oct 05 2012
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my playstation story

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My playstation story started when i was about 6years old,watching my uncle play on his playstation2.Every once in a while (rare occasions)i might have a chance to play on his or my cousin's system.Not having one of my own and with out enough money to get one,this was all i had. Little did i know my mom was saving up so she could get one for me.When i finally recieved my very own PS2 it was my brithday and i was 10.Being that my family and i(me,my 3 sisters and mom)couldn't afford many things growing up,this was a big deal.So needless to say i was extremely greatful,thankfull,and surprised.A little while later i heard of the PSP but was not sure at first if i would like it as much as i loved my PS2.Again my uncle had PSP before me,as soon as it came out and then later got the PS3.Seeing him play with(show off,flawnt,brag about)and enjoy his bountiful arry of playstation games and systems and me searching for more info on the PSP and PS3,let me know i would probably end up loving them both.At chistmas 2008 is when my mom got me my PSP, i fell deeply in love with it thanks to the game Rachet and Clank Size Matters.Rachet and Clank games being the reason i initially got hooked to playstation.Now although i was extremely happy with my PS2 and PSP,i knew i needed to have the PS3.My cousin(who had gotten one)would bring his over to my place so i could play with him.Having that little taste of what could be only made my need for it even stronger,The game that turned my want for the PS3 into a necesity,was Uncharted Drakes Fortune.At this time my uncle's 60gb PS3 had broken down because of ylod and other such problems,so seeing i was without a PS3 my uncle gave me his old one so i could (fool around with it)and bought himself a new one.For a while i was able to get it working with his help,so every time it would give me problems he would supply me with wbat it took to fix it.But he got tired of that and so did i.So he offered to put in so i could get a PS3, but in order for that to happen he refused to get any gifts for my three sisters.Of course,being a big brother to two of them,i did not want to selfishly think of only myself so i refused the offer.And now in july of this year i was finally able to get my playstation3 thanks to my mom the best mom in the world, and it was definitely worth the wait.So in conclustion i would likr to say that Sony has made me believe that if you want something bad enough you can actually achieve it.Thank You Sony.
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Re: my playstation story

Oct 5, 2012

good story good luck you can check out mines in cheshire_smile post what i've replied with my story link.

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