Nov 21 2012
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my life with PS / Story :D

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I was born in Ecuador I always like videogames I saw my cousins playing PS1 I remember, but I dont have enough money to buy a console. Here at Ecuador a new consoles its about 400$ I remember when PS1 just came out. So I always spent my money for Lunch to play videogames after school I always go to a Cyber and in that place people  rent 1 hour of PS1 for 1$ so me and my brother spent like 3 hours per day.


I always want that my father buy me a console for me and my brother I always had good grades I was a good kid. So in my birthday they bought my first PS1 for me and my brother. We used to play all day long always I rember playing Megaman X4 , X5 , X6. Resident Evil I love it a nice childhood. 


I didnt buy a PS2 because I have to study a lot for applying to a University, I applied to a University at EEUU and I saw for my first time an announce of the PS3 on a big poster in a big building.



So also in the same building there were some words


Want a PS3? A new one with the game Sudafica 210 just make a lgo for our company and for Facebook and you will have a chance to get it.


So I start working in it like for about 2 weeks I submit my logo and finnally I receive a message in my mail.


I won my new PS3 and from 2010 I have it in my department, I love to play it all the day reminds me of all my beatiul childhood playing PS1 Smiley Very Happy

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