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Re: my gf is annoyed of me talking about the vita

Feb 21, 2012

Tinys wrote:

well if ur gf talked about hair products or chick flicks all the time i'm sure you would be annoyed too

Lol well, Luckly I wont ever have one seeing as its not even legal to marry so its a nowhere relationship XD. That would be annoying for sure...

I personally dont care if my guy wants to game 24/7, I date a pro DOTA player so I have to accept that fact. My only issue is when the game becomes a focus & im left out I usually complain to join in. So... if you feel your significant other is complaining about it should just introduce them to it & turn it into a together time thing, and in exchange she may see that chickflick & she can talk about the new beauty products ulta just got all she wants as long as your allowed to talk about how excited you are about *insert something here* or your amazing score/killstreaks. Its always an even trade off.

If not well SOL.

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