May 21 2012
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my experience in playstation

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My name is Joe doe 919 I was an Xbox live junkie for two years and I hated it u had to pay for every thing just to play my friends I had heard playstation was free and it was better so when I got. The chance I got one and was instantly in love I play it everyday no breaks I have approximately 32 games on my hdd and I buy the latest releases like mp3 and im in love I got the playstation plus add on last year plus an extra two years of coverage in case my ps3 catches v d or some thing I am a huge fan I even got my family stuff from Hulu and Netflix playstation is a trillion times better than Xbox it shows dedication to their customers and I as well as do many others appreciate it Sony playstation forever

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Re: my experience in playstation

May 25, 2012

Owning both consoles is a Big PLUS

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