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maverick hunter help!!!

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can anyone tell me where some of the power up parts are I only found the legs????

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Re: maverick hunter help!!!

Feb 7, 2006

adam22 wrote:
Can any one help for some reason I can not choose x or vile at the beginning of a new game? It goes right to x and then choose level? Not sure why. Also if you can give me any tips?

okay Well...In the Begining of the Game You HAVE to play As X, Beat it, Then You Unlock Vile Mode, and the Movie Thing Smiley Tongue

Its one of those things Smiley Tongue
But Enjoy it, Its a Awsome Game!
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Re: maverick hunter help!!!

Feb 7, 2006
we can play with more then one person? thats hot
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Re: maverick hunter help!!!

Nov 5, 2011
Leg CapsuleFlame Mammoth's stage in a small room which can be accessed by jumping up the left side of a wall after falling through the first long fall.
Head CapsuleChill Penguin's stage beyond blocks that need to be kicked by using the leg upgrade. The blocks are found on the right side of a wall in the base.
Body CapsuleStorm Eagle's stage beyond blocks that need to be broken with the head upgrade. It is after the thin tower you climb.
Buster CapsuleSting Chameleon's stage after climbing up a cliff in the beginning of the level. The dash upgrade is needed for this. Just destroy the green robo

also if you get all these parts,all subtanks beat all robot bosses on armored armidillo's level

you can get the attack hodouken which you can use by down left/right fire button

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