Jul 25 2001
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I see the Cubs won last night. The Yanks did also, as they hit 4 more homers. Maybe they are starting to come around. Clemens moved into 4th spot on the all-time strikeout list. He just passed Tom Seaver. I was in Electronics Boutique tonight and I looke for Rock The Rink. but they didn't have it. I assume it is an older game if it is only $10 at Walmart. I'll try there next. Not to stereotype, but being a California guy are you into skateboarding or BMX bikes? I don't do either, but I am impressed with the stunts they both can do. Tony Hawk was a true innovatorand Dave Mirra is also pretty incredible. One thought on music. One good thing about the Canadian stations I listen to is they DO NOT play boy groups or the Brittany clone music. Just rock and some older stuff also. Time to go see how the Yanks are doing against the Tigers....I noticed on the message board that the grammar policeman (gamingdad) has slipped a little in his own grammar. Must be the warm weather...Take care.

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Jul 25, 2001
I think Rock the Rink is about a year old--Columbus and Minnesota aren't in the game, but Atlanta is. Wal-Mart seems to sporadically drop random games to about $10; I've picked up, in the year or so since they built it right next to my home, WCW Mayhem, Tomorrow Never Dies (Thumbs down), and Rock the Rink for $10. I also noticed they've had Medal of Honor for $10. Actually, as I'm writing this, I'm realizing they're all EA games. . . hmm. I wonder if there's a connection. Maybe.

RTR never got a lot of pub for some reason, which is odd, especially considering how successful the NFL Blitz series has been. Actually I read Acclaim, the makers of Blitz, is making NHL Hitz. We'll see. . . .

I was listening to Jim Rome's show today, and he said the Yankee fans stood up and applauded Clemens--it was the first time they really seemed to accept him as one of "their own". I can understand that, seeing as how the Yankee fans are so loyal. Not only was he a Sock, but he was also on another division rival. It's hard to think of a parallel out here in LA, seeing as how fans here are kinda passive--maybe if Bird or McHale played for the Lakers in the 80s.

At least Canada has that going for them; they may have fake bacon, but at least they know their music. We're the ones dumb enough to give Shania Twain millions and millions of dollars.

The "grammar policeman" has slipped; but actually his posts can be informative and helpful, and usually he's clear, and he's far from the only or the worst policeman on these boards.

I'm not into bikes or boards or various extreme things; I'm a boring homebody who likes to read and do other things at home. I crack up watching RealTV and seeing morons on boards and bikes falling on their faces, their butts, or taking an immoveable object, in the, um, family jewels. My brain has served me well; I think I'll keep it firmly in place and make sure it gets the oxygen it needs.

The Cubs jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the second; Houston is playing St. Louis this week. I kind of hope Houston takes the series; I'd like to see STL buried, and then make it a two-team race. But the Cards will probably get a pitcher before the deadline, and they'll be back in it. The Cubs and 'Stros split a four-game series this weekend. I'm happy with that; I don't want the lead to get below 3 games.

Anywho, time to go.

Catch ya later.

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