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Jul 22 2001
By: ronbrown~old Lombax Warrior 176 posts

matthewg Yanks

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Well it looks like my Yankess have a shot at a win today. Mussina is pitching and they are up 7-1 in the fifth. Four home runs. O'Neill hit a monster shot. About two thirds of the way up in the upper deck in right. Another hot day in upstate N.Y. Glad the Cubs won last night. Another close game. Time to take the dog for a walk. Actually won last night in NHL. Seems like they always score in the first couple of minutes. I always figure I have a chance to catch up if I don't get down by more than 3 or 4 goals. Take care

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Lombax Warrior
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You're exactly right about NHL and the 3 goal policy of the computer. . . oh well. . . . -nt

Jul 23, 2001
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