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Re: low quality and lack of apps

Sep 22, 2012
I'm not a person who think PS3 needs "apps" per-sae, but I DO use my PS3 in place of my years ago broken PC as it's browser is good enough for 99% of the web browsing I do. I love that it can't get viruses or any other kind of malware, and I don't get pop-ups. So there is one thing I will say in support of the OP........the youtube app COMPLETELY SUCKS !!!!! It's annoying and hard to use. And that wouldn't bother me before, but as soon as that damned youtube app came out for PS3, the PS3 browser became completely blocked from access to youtube proper. Even XL, which SUCKED too, but was better than the PS3 app by a LONG way.

It's SO stupid, I swear. How does the Vita's youtube app basically totally replicate the proper youtube site while the PS3 app is this completely different, useless, **bleep** in which I can't even use my KB or at least the PS3's own virtual keyboard which would be FAR better than the REDICULOUS text imput system the app currently uses.

You can't like, can't share, can't comment, can't see comments, you can't "link to", you can't do ANYTHING that any other device can do while on youtube.

I'd rather be using youtube XL, and trust me....imo you can't get much more insulting than that.
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