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Re: is anyone else excited for lego lord of the rings?

Jun 17, 2012

Pay close attention here: Lego GAMES (video games) are for children. They are intended for kids age 8-12. If they were meant for teens and up, they would have actual difficulty, and limited lives. The subjects cutscenes are altered from the original happenings (if it's based on a movie) so as to be funny, instead of scary, so as not to make little Micah or Kaley drop the controller and start bawling in fear. The games are designed so as not to frustrate children too young to play serious games that penalize a lack of skill, have limited re-tries,require quick reaction times, precise control, and the ability to do things beyond pulling levers and climbing ladders. That's why I think it's stupid to even put the games on this system. It's not intended for the target audience of the Lego games. They drop stuff constantly, do stupid things like use ink pens, markers, and pencil erasers as stencils on their nintendo portables (seen it countless times), and get candy and food on everything they touch. The Vita was not made to handle the abuse a child unthinkingly dishes out. It's made to be treated with respect and care.The Lego model kits are for everyone...although I prefer the tubs. I don't like to be told how to use my imagination and creativity.

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