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Re: inFAMOUS Vita: How would you do it?

Jul 15, 2013

bob-maul wrote:


First off, inFAMOUS is my favorite franchise on the PS3. I love the first game and I believe the sequel improved on it in almost every way. 


But, another step that could be taken is this: A handheld game. Now, I understand that this is not necessarily going to happen, but it has been thrown around as a hopeful game in the future. 


My question is this: What would the game have as part of its story, gameplay, controls, and graphics? 

PLEASE use **SPOILER** tags if you are posting story info from the two PS3 games.


My Ideas:


*SPOILERS* My idea is to use the evil ending as the beginning of the game and have you play as a conduit that is going after Cole (The Beast) and you must fight conduits along the way. Now, there are some kinks to work out since the second game showed off A LOT of potential conduits. I think it would be an interesting story to incorporate.


For controls, use touch to switch to other powers instead of a clunky "weapon" wheel. Maybe use touch as a way to drain energy (depending on the character's power) from certain places since there is no R2 on Vita and because it allows more precision when you want to drain from a specific item.


Obviously graphical limitations would be a large constraint, so I think adding loading times would help greatly. You would put them on each bridge between parts of the city. Also, cutting the amount of enemies on the screen may help. OBviously trying to keep to the franchise is important, though, so other limitations would have to exist.


DUMB idea. Should and will never happen.

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