Dec 06 2012
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help with History channel Battle for the Pacific

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New owner and this is my first game so I am learning how to "control" the controls.  I have hit a stop point.  After I shot at the zeros with  the quad 50 the Sgt tells me to follow so off we go shoot up a few bad guys in the trenches ..then he stops (starts  scratching himself) so i continue on down the path thinking there is a bad guy aorund the corner  that  need to kill...  nope...then  message "not following orders" so I go back and go down a differnet path....same message.  Tried throwing a gernade over the top still nothing...what does the joker want me to do. 


Years ago when i started playinmjg DOOM on my PC you could buy a guide book that would give you direction on where to go how to and of course the secret codes to unlock stuff.  Is there one for this game?  I haven't found any yet.  What about other games  I have DOOM coming as well as Call of Duty World at War

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Re: help with History channel Battle for the Pacific

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Dec 6, 2012

If you look on YouTube and search "History Channel Battle For The Pacific", you'll see some very helpful people have made video tutorials, or "walkthroughs".  They've made them not only for that game, but for many, many, many others as well. 

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