Dec 18 2010
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help please

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I just bought the ps3 and it came with medal of honor and for some reason when i try logging in it says my login id is already in use,i have tried chaanging this many of times to various other ones and each time i get the same message.any help would be great when i say login id i mean email as you login in with ur email but have a diff s/n what am i doing wrong

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Re: help please

Dec 18, 2010
Hi & welcome to the Forums.

I'm not sure I am understanding you correctly.

The only problem I can see that may be causing this is that an email address can only be used by one PSN ID / Account, & if you are trying to use an same email address already assigned to an account then this may be your issue.

If this is the case the MOH has nothing to do with this issue.

I hope this helps, if not come back to us to see if we can help you further.

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