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Re: g4tv just said linux for ps3 ....

Jun 11, 2005

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i,was watching g4tv tonight and they said yes it is confirmed that the,ps3 well be running linux , but there still confused about what ken,kutaragi ment about the hdd.
One for the Options List: The PlayStation 3’s hard drive will not be included, but it will ship with Linux
dont know if anyone  say the show or posted this already .. havnt seen it yet

This,has been posted and there are even topics going as far that windows XP,will run etc. But it does seem to have a PC interface possibly instead,of the usual console home... Anyway heres the logic I get out of it.,Second thought is that No matter how big it is even though no one will,touch the hdd its still going to get critisized. However this is really,where I think he's coming from. With the library of games then 80,,120GB+ wont honestly be big enough. The hdd at a large,capacity would be used by more Developers to create more games like,FFXI wich require to be ran like a PC and downloaded onto an hdd. ,Anyway given a big hdd more and more developers would take the chance,to make the games run off the hdd instead of making console software.,And given the vast variety and huge library of games no matter what,size hdd was placed in the PS3 it would be to small. Or perhaps going,this far would bring the console way to close to the PC. Now I know its,heading there already in terms of Processor and Graphics Card but this,is a good move because of course the Cell is a magnificent and,extremely Powerflull chip and both Nvidea and ATI already have cutting,edge technology and are leading the way into the future graphics of,gaming. Now Im so-so on caring if not the PS3 does have a hdd. However,with all you can do I am leaning towards the fact that Sony should take,a 5-10 MB ram for storage so people can at least save games and,download patched on the PS3.... Anyway he does have a good point about,a hdd. It could be 240 GB and still not be enough for gamers in this,market due to the abundance of games and fact that developers,,especially ones who do PC version then port will simply make one game,to be ran off the hdd and after a year no matter how big the hdd it,will be full... Anyway I think its a pretty logical and good reason.,Granted no one but the Sony and Ken actually know the true,reasoning.... 

lol wow , did you think of that one on your own ... lol sorry but come on look at the xbox , the devoloper have the hdd to use there but they dont . ,and the xbox does great with on in there and first off this wasnt,really about the hdd . it was more like linux for the ps3 . g4tv,confirmed it tonight right now . just thought i would be nice and share,it with people that havnt seen it yet ...

one more thing , if,the ps3 isnt going to come with the hdd then tell me this once you buy,the ps3 and you can say downlaod movies and music , where are you going,to store it ?? can you anwser that on ... and dont tell me a 2 gig,memory card , couse that coast the same as a 80 to a 120 gb hdd .. and,2 gb isnt anuff for alot of music and movies ...

Indeed,I did. And in the xbox developers dont have an hdd to work with. Sure,you get nice things like download content, patches and custom tracks,but the hdd in the xbox is too small for developers to really use it.,However Valve is using it for Half Life 2 wich will work just like the,PC version. The cool thing about what Vavle has done is that the game,takes a very small portion of the hdd to store itself on then it runs,off Valve servers to play the game... But the hdd in the xbox isnt big,enough for developers to really use. Then of course there is the point,that if we lean towards this type of hdd and size hdd then perhaps we,wont get full length games. Instead we'll be sold expansions just they,do on the PC... But there is no way you can say that the xbox has a hdd,that developers can really work with and use. Cause once one does then,all developers will look into using the hdd to capabilities and after a,few games all the sudden the hdd is packed full...
,Actually Sony has been working on new large capacity cards. I forget,where the article is and what size cards but they were huge. Perhaps,they'll just use Duo Stick Pros.  Anyway I dont need to download,movies and I think if a console can download movies then we're going ot,far. A Console is not a PC and should not become one... However I do,download some music to xbox but only for racing games because most of,them have lame music. But like I said Id like to see at least a 5GB,drive in the PS3 for saves, patches and maybe some music if PS3 and,some games will indeed use custom soundtracks etc. At least with even,the smallest of hdd's in the console this make all users download,patches online to help eliminate cheaters... 

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