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Jan 22 2013
By: Demonslayer10286 First Son 4 posts

deactivation ?

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Here Am I once again with another quick question. As I stated in my previous post I shared my accoumt info and stuff. Anyway he deactivated all ps3 accounts by online. I'am not able to download anything or use , so I'll have to wait six months now, but my question is when i deactivate all ps3 systems, is it going to deactivate the person who scammed me?

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Re: deactivation ?

Jan 22, 2013
That will deactive all systems that were activated onto your PSN, including the person who used your info. On another note, you can reactiave your PS3 at anytime, so you can still download everything on your account. You don't have to wait 6 months, that's just how long you have to wait to use that deactivation method again.
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