Mar 26 2011
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change psn user name

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plz make it so if someone makes a dumb user name ( like me ) the 1 ppl  see, give us a chance to change it evin if we have 2 pay, my cuzin is on  xbox and he says they can change there gamertag if they pay, i wanna  change mine, cuz its dumb and my girl gets mad when she she's it, if i  cant change it i may have to sell my ps3, ( yes im willing to pay to  change it) just dont make it 2 much plzz

if you want the chance to change it, coment and gibe your thought,

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Re: change psn user name

Mar 26, 2011

Yup, I wanted to change mine but it was to late as I have tons of trophies betas and am a LBP MVP somewhat. I'll pay for it. I need to get rid of the 9 numbers in my name...

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Re: change psn user name

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Aug 29, 2013

I also would like to be able to change my name without throwing away all my purchased games and Plus membership.


It is really sad that Sony, a self-claimed technology leader, can't figure out how to let the customer change their names online or email without losing the entire account history.


Please make this a priority and devote resources to it. This problem will continue to grow and this is something your customers want.


Right now I am not sharing my name with my friends because I hate my name and I can’t change it.


This whole experience makes me feel bad about investing in Sony hardware and software. It feels like I have bought into another walled garden. Instead of being able to enjoy the content I have purchased the way I want, the answer from customer support is that there is nothing they can  now, we already have your money, we aren’t motived to do more.


Not enjoying my PSN experience so far.


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