Apr 03 2011
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can't login to the PSN on the computer

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Okay, try as I might, I can't login to the PSN at

obviously I can log in to the community here.

I click sign in both at the top or scroll down the page toward the middle, and get the popup to sign in.. everything checks out when i sign in, the box disappears and I am still logged out. This has happened to me in the past but usually by the 3rd or 4th try, I am signed in. Tonight and the last couple times I've tried over the last week, I am having no luck.. I have tried about 20x already tn. I am extremely frustrated with the site, atm, so any help to get this problem solved would be great!

The reason I am wanting to sign in via computer is so I can see which of my friends are online before I waste time changing my TV's input and warming up my PS3 only to find the person (my bf) I am looking for is not online.

Additionally, just wondering, is there any way to send messages to your PS friends from the online (computer) version of the network? I haven't found it yet, if so, and I thought it might be a nice addition. (as I am a college student, I mainly play video games to play with my BF- got the PS3 so we could play together when I transferred schools to ease the distance a little bit, but I'm often not in the mood to play and might just want to send a message to my bf's account.. he is between phones at the moment, so I am either forced to call his house late at night- which i don't like to do, or fiddle with my ps controller for 20 minutes since I don't have a keyboard for my PS.. IT WOULD BE FABULOUS!!! if I could read and send messages from my laptop! keyboard being the main motivator, but i also don't like to turn my cable off to turn the playstation on to send a message that may or may not be returned immediately- especially if I'm not playing.)

just a thought. =] it can't be that hard to incorporate, since it is all internet based!

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