Dec 20 2012
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alternate audio tracks on videos - functionality removed?

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Hi all, could not find another thread about this so I am making one. A couple of months ago an update finally enabled alternate audio tracks in the Videos app - I'm thinking September or October - which was fantastic for me as I watch a lot of speed run vids and commentary tracks make them more interesting. However, with the recent 2.02 update, this functionality seems to have been removed. Is that true, or am I crazy and it's just been moved somewhere really unclear? I've tried everything I can think of to no avail. Messing around with "preferred audio language" settings does nothing - I remember having to switch audio tracks manually like that back when it worked, but the options given would be something like 'english / english' with each option being a different audio track in the video file. If anybody can help (or if Sony would reenable the functionality) that would be awesome!

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