Mar 28 2013
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YLOD... Who should I send it for a reball?

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My understanding is that Golphermods no longer offers reball services, although I did contact them anyway about it. EE seems to have shady reviews along with CC although EE seems 2nd most reliable..


I've done all I could to prevent a YLOD.. Right after my Motorstorm 80 gig phat went out of warranty I opened it up, changed the fan to a 19 blade from a 60 gig model, changed the power supply to a cooler one from a 40 gig, and cleaned the heatsinks and replaced paste with Artic Silver... 3 years later..  I get an YLOD while watching a DVD... I will say I think my modding added a few years because the board was looking toasty back then when I opened it.. anyway I'm very hestitant to just get rid of this machine when I still have hope and occasionally get the urge to play some ps2 games(I do have a launch ps2 so no, don't tell me to suck it up and get the slim and buy a ps2). 


As of now, who are the most credible guys to send my phatty for a reball using lead solder? I'd do it myself but I don't have the heating deck equipment to keep the board at an even temperature.


I'll probably get a super slim just because the bundles are cheap now but I still want my phatty.




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