Apr 29 2012
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Winning a PS3 from a contest

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I've always wanted a PS3 ever since 2006 when it originally launched for $499 and $599 but those prices were pretty sky high for my budget. It wasn't until I had entered a contest on a site called for AT&T sponsored event in 2008. The grand prize was a 40GB PS3 and a 42 inch, 1080p Plasma HDTV so I was basically just entering the contest and seeing if I would win or not. I got an email from a person who said I had won the contest! What's interesting is that I have been a member of that site since 2004 and have never won a contest from them but never gave up hope in believing that one day I could win one of those contest. I couldn't believe it at first and told my brother and my family the good news. I had to get the papers notarized first before sending them off to the website via scanning them on my printer/copier. A few weeks later or should I say a month later, I got honk at the front door and a USPS truck was there to deliever my brand new PS3. A few days later got the TV delievered in a delivery truck and boy was it huge. I still remember the first game I bought for the PS3 and it was Ninja Gaiden Sigma along with Uncharted Drake's Fortune. I am really thankfully that I won the PS3 cause it basically made me fall in love with Sony again, I had been a fan of Sony since the PS1 and PS2 days. Plus it introduced to alot of exclusives that you can only find on PS3 like Heavenly Sword, MGS4, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2/3, Little Big Planet 1/2, Wipeout HD, etc just to name a few that I have played and love to this day.

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