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Re: Will the new controllers still have dual shock?

Jun 11, 2005

PS2NATION wrote:

OSUbowen wrote:
Hora-Quan,you don't know squat! Bluetooth is a specification not a company!!! And,rumble technology is the same thing as dual shock, patented by the,Immersion corp. Immersion never went after Nintendo in a court battle,but sued Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft settled out of court and,actually bough a large share of Immersion stock. The Sony case is still,underway so there is no official confirmation of dual shock in the new,PS3 controllers. I don't know if MS bought stock that will allow MS to,vote on the board, but if this is the case (MS controlling Immersion),,there is going to be no rumble in those new controllers offered by Sony.

No,rumble on those big ugly controllers,  good thing they may fly out,of your hand.   It's not looking good for sony at all.

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Big?,Last time i checked, the controllers were small.. I won't disagree with,ugly, although In my opinion it's the best controller design, even,better than DS2. Those wings look comfy
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