Apr 08 2013
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Will the current selection of downloadable PSN game titles be available on the Playstation 4?

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**TL;DR can be found near the bottom of this post.**


I'd like to start by saying I apologize if this topic has been covered elsewhere, as I'm not quite sure how to find the *exact* information I'm looking. I've tried searching the forums, as well as numerous search engines and I've managed to find nothing similar. Also, forgive me if this has been posted in the incorrect section of the forums.


Recently I found myself craving some Demon Soul's, among other things. However I do not currently have a PS3, nor have I for quite some time. Several days ago I noticed the game was put on the PS+ list for free, and as you could probably imagine its been gnawing away at my willpower/resistance to buy another PS3.


My question is as follows: Do you think the current list of PSN games will be available to purchase/download on the PS4? Just to clear things up I am fully aware of the PS4 *not* having backwards compatibility as far as disc-based games go. I've also read that there's a very high chance that currently owned/previously purchased PSN games will not carry over to the new console. The disc based backwards compatibility is of no concern to me (Sorry to anyone who disagrees with me, I understand your pain!) nor is the lack of transferrable content from this generation to the next. I'm simply curious on your opinions of these titles being immediately available, or becoming a reality sometime later on.


Being without a PS3 for so long, I've truly missed out on a lot of great titles, and I'm hoping that I might have the chance to enjoy them at some point. Including games I previously owned before losing my PS3. So what do you think? Should I go spend $200-$300 on a soon to be updated/replaced product, or should I just wait it out for the next few months and hope for the best?



Will the current selection of *downloadable* PSN titles be available on the PS4?
(Ex. Demon Souls, Journey, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame)


Should I continue to be patient in hopes of news, or go ahead and purchase a PS3 for the few titles I personally crave?
Thanks to anyone who responds, I appreciate your time.

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Re: Will the current selection of downloadable PSN game titles be available on the Playstation 4?

Apr 8, 2013



At the Sony PlayStation 4 press conference, Gaikai's Dave Perry seemed to confirm the rumors that the system would not be backwards compatible with PS3 games, but Sony has big plans to allow users access to the PlayStation back catalog.


While Perry said PS3 games are "not natively supported," that doesn't mean the extensive history of PlayStation games won't be available to users.


He did not mention specifics, but Perry claims the system's cloud service will allow users access to a wide array of past PlayStation titles at a later date. We'll have to wait on details to see which titles make the cut.



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