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Re: Will ps4 have dedicated servers.

Sep 29, 2013

gR3yGh051 wrote:

kythunder wrote:

the ps4 will have hackers and glitchers just like every other console that has ever come won't happen right away but they can't make them hackproof,it's not about if it is about when..


they already have dedicated websites talking about hacking the PS4 already and it hasn't even been released

It also helps to not play older games when it does happen. 

Hackers LOVE to hack games that are no longer supported so that the risk of having their console blacklisted is very low.

They will be able to spoof their console ID's just like they do with the may take a while like it did with the ps3 but it will eventually happen,they will never be able to stop people that want to do this....

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