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Re: Why would anyone buy digital copies of store available games?

Nov 30, 2013

-No chance of theft/loss/damage due to a careless friend that asked to borrow you your game and you felt obligated to accept.


-No tax, which means while you pay $68 for your brand new game, I pay $59.99.


-Now that Amazon has their PSN store, we'll be seeing a lot of deals. Yesterday, for example, you could buy BF4 for PS4 for only $30, and other games like AC4 for $45. I bought the latter.


-You can access your games through ANY PS4. Physical creates clutter that you have to drag around with you.


-More convenient to download a game than actually leave the house. Also, this is kind of a seperate point, but you will be able to pre-load most games, which means that you can actually be playing the game at 12:01am instead of starting the huge download at 12:01am.



The only real advantage physical has is the trading factor. However, I don't buy any game that I think I might trade in. I'm dedicated to my games. I'll just wait for a game I feel iffy about to go on sale, or on PS+ IGC. Besides, it's always possible Sony will later implement the ability to sell/trade digital games.

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