Nov 21 2012
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Why the PS3 is superior~

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So here's my story about a playstation. I'll keep it short and to the point!


So one night, many years ago, my friends and I had an all night gaming session (I believe it was Borderlands...). Me and two of my friends were all at my house, each with our own ps3 and tv. At around 4 am, when everyone was tired and ready for bed, I was helping one of them take his stuff to his car where he was loading everything in and then took off back home. About 10 minutes later i get a text message from him saying "I left my ps3 on top of my car....R.I.P." So as he was putting stuff into his car he forgot to put his ps3 in the back seat (mind you it was 4am, we were all very tired and it was still quite dark outside). So had a moment of silence and i felt really bad or him. However, another 10 minutes or so later I recieve another message from him saying "It still works!"

A playstation 3 took a pretty nasty fall off the top of a car going about 30 mph and slammed against the pavement and other than a small crack and a dent or 2, it worked (And to this day STILL works). Now for comparison sake and to follow along with the title of this thread... My other friend dropped his XBOX360 off a maybe 3 foot high desk onto a carpeted floor, and it broke....

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