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Re: Why hasn't Sony made PSP games comp. with PS3?

Mar 3, 2013

Well I for one think Sony is downright lazy. There are full fledged emulators that emulate the multitap. They could think of something to help out the graphics on the PSP for PS3 if they really wanted too. Out of over 7800 ideas only 94 have been put into action and most are just release dates for games.

I had to call Sony about Ni No Kuni because I have never seen a digital download go into the game data folder. And the disc version only installs 3841MB. Point is the rep asked me if our games were sorted alpabetically! I told him no but it is something that people have wanted for quite sometime. See even Sony doesn't know what's going on...and yes I learned I had to download the nearly 6 gig file afterwards and then they combined as one 22 gig file!

Pinball totally rules!
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