Mar 09 2012
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Why are some PSP games on the PSN store being removed?

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I've noticed 1 of my games no longer available on the PSN store and I hear people saying other games are becoming "unavailable".. So.. Are the games really going away? Or are the developers tweaking them? My PSP go hasn't been around for so long and it hugely relies on PSN games.

I still hate Sony for leaving the option to the developers whether they want to put it on PSN or not, but because of the HUGE lack of games that are only available for the older PSP users and to now see some games disappearing from the store just isn't fair. But who cares? They got the PS Vita now so they can do whatever they want because whatever we got now is considered "outdated" so we have to "upgrade" if we want more support. Honestly, what support have you given us PSP go users? I still feel ripped off, and I know it most likely is my fault, but can they at least admit they're sorry for the huge disappointment?

Hopefully the games that are not available at the moment are just misinterpreted and that if the PS Vita encourages developers to release games from the PSP onto the PSN store that wasn't available before, please make sure it still works for the PSP. I'm not ready to start a new system that is still currently "in the works" for better features prior to its release.

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Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything else to complain about my Go! I still have fun playing the games except when I get cramps when playing games like Gods Eater Burst due to the Go's design. And the fact they used the M2 memory cards for Go which are more expensive which is why I only buy them on sale because besides for Go, they're completely useless and only used for Sony related products. What a way to take advantage of people..

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