Nov 21 2012
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Why I love being a part of ps community

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Within the last 2-3 weeks i picked up alot of games, many for my vita.  I picked up assassins creed liberation, lbp vita, uncharted golden abyss, and ragnarok oddyssey at first.  After a playing uncharted for a while i saw it was a game that i probably wanted to keep, then i looked at gravity rush.  It was a hard choice but i decided to trade uncharted for gravity rush and i still wanted to play uncharted but i felt the trade was equal and worth it.  I feel in love with gravity rush even the disorientation it occasionally gave me. 2 or 3 days after i got it when i was heading home from college i decided to pull out my vita and play a little bit more of it, i took lbp out an when i reached in my pocket to pull out my games gravity rush was no longer there.  I started panicking i checked all my pockets even the small pocket inside jeans that i never use and my back pockets that i never use.  I waited till i got home then i checked my bag and i knew the worst had happened  my gravity rush was no longer on me, i had either dropped at school or on the train.  The next week i had hoped a janitor or someone at my college had taken it to security or lost and found (never happens) and when i found they didn't i started to mope for a few days.  i decided to check the ps blog and when i saw that ps plus was coming to vita it made me feel a little better.  When i opened the post and started to see what vita was getting i was ecstatic.  Not only was i going to get gravity rush but i was also getting uncharted back as well as jet set radio which i was holding off on getting the ps3 version to get the vita version.  The first thing i did today was download gravity rush and i only paused it just to type this. Thanks playstation for giving me what i lost and more, being a ps plus member is awesome and im definitly buying another year subscription when this one runs out

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