Mar 05 2012
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Why I love Playstation.

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I had a Playstation 2 when I was younger and I loved it. When I heard the Playstation 3 was coiming out I immediately started saving. I saved my lunch money for an entire year to be able to get one. I evetually ended up saving enough to get a 60GB Playstation 3. I was estatic. It was my first experience with Online gaming and I was aw. Although I felt lonely because I had no one to play with. In my hight school the majority of the gamers all had XBox. I was a proud and lonely outcast. I later found a few people who also a Playstation 3. We became friends on PSN and in real life. As the years wen by our little group of Playstation gamers grew and so did our friendships. I'm now away in college but I still have late nights playing games with my friends. Playstation has brought us together and now we are the bests of friends. This post is dedicated to my PRP| brothers (Our clan tag). Thank you Playstation. Long Live Play Playstation (with friends).

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