Dec 07 2012
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When the games tangle with reality!

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First of all this is a true story (quoting Barney Stinson) and it was unbelievable. It was a Friday night on 2010 and I was completely immersed playing “Resident Evil 5”. I was about to finish the game for the first time so I couldn’t stop playing. I’m a huge Resident Evil fan and although this game was completely different I still enjoyed it, but let’s go back to the story. At 3 a.m. (spoiler alert for those who haven’t play the game) I finally managed to kill Whesker. To the ones who played the game I assume you remember the awesome part when Shiva and Chris fire the rocket launcher at the volcano. At the exact moment the rocket’s hit Whesker, the earth started to shake…literally…in the real life. At the beginning I thought the bass of the subwoofer were a little too high, but then the things got a bit messed up. It was an earthquake and one of the biggest of all times!!! I live in Chile, it was Saturday 27 at 3.34 where the 8.8 earthquake hit the country and cause innumerable damage and even triggered a tsunami. Quite some effects for the end of a game, no?

Well the ugly part of the story is that my apartment suffered some serious damage, the lights turned off and the data of my game got corrupted, so I had to start all over again…but still it was an unbelievable experience and almost no damage compared to the rest of the country thanks God.

I hope you guys enjoyed my story!!

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