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Mar 08 2012
By: Phillyblunz Treasure Hunter 8733 posts

When life meets video games

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We are here due to a common thread.  Up to 9 threads at once I believe actually.

We spend time here, and that denotes a certain amount of time spent with our mistress......  The PS3 of course.

Its such a part of the daily routine now, I ponder what would life be like without video gaming as a whole.

Would we be more prone to travel the world, take risks, do things we have never experienced before? 

Basically do you think video games allow you to get that feeling of adventure, exploration, thrills, excitement that without them we would be drawn to more real life events?

Can it then be said that perhaps video games may be holding us back to a certain extent?

And at the same time perhaps they preserve us, by limiting the amount of risk we feel required to take on throughout our lives?

Obviously we still go outside, play in the sun, go on vacations, etc.  But is the urge to do these things lessened by our ability to live out fantasy based lives where what we consider in the "real world" to be highly risky, life threatening, stupid, foolish, and generally bad ideas to be common place, and fun?

What would you being doing right now if video games never came to be?

I always wanted to be a scientist growing up, has my video gaming habit(combined with general laziness) played a role in me never achieving this goal?

What do you guys think?  Does video gaming have a negative or positive affect on your life as a whole?

How has it helped you?  How has it hindered you?

I'll start:

-I should be working right now, I am getting paid, and yet here I am spamming the blogs and getting nothing done at work. 

Is this a good or bad thing?  Depends if you ask me, or my boss, LOL.

Hawkfan267 wrote:
Seriously, there's just certain things that we must accept about the PS4. In time, it may get better, who knows.

dulun18 wrote:
**honestly if you still have your PS3.. and lot of games to go through.. there's no reason to jump onto the PS4 bandwagon just yet...
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Re: When life meets video games

Mar 19, 2012

I lke the questions you're posing. I often wonder myself how I'd spend time in my life without videogames. WOuld I be better off? or maybe worse?

- morgan haro, SCEA Sr. Project Manager -

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