Nov 03 2011
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What would you recomend for recording gameplay?

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Today I have 240$ to spend. Im thinking of buying a gameplay recording device for the good ol' PS3. These are the things I'm aiming for:

Price: Under 220$, because they later add tax to it.

Avalable in Stores: Kmart, RadioShak,Gamestop,Sears,Walmart,etc. I want to be able to go to a common store/mall to be able to buy the device, not online.

Quality: 360p and up is fine enough with me, to have great audio and to have good frame-rate

Works on its own: I dont wana download a premium program to use it, if its a free program its fine with me

Just a question:If I talk through my bluetooth head set while playing zombies offline/online will it record it as well? How about a friend in a lobby?

Another question: Will the device that you will recomend have memmory space? or Do I have to connect it to my pc while I record it, to save it on my desktop?

Please answer all of these questions if you can. Also if you know something in aditional please write it down like tips,notes,warnings,etc. Thank you.

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Re: What would you recomend for recording gameplay?

Nov 3, 2011

Hoping for some good advice...we've also been discussing making the same purchase for our house...

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