Dec 01 2012
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What would life be like without Playstation?

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I have been a Playstation fan for as long as I can remember. Around the age of 4 or 5, I remember watching my cousin play the classic Playstation 1 games we know and love, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo, you name it. As I grew older I received my own system as well as a Playstation 2. They were my first consoles.


I remember the excitement I experienced as I jumped across platform to platform in Crash Bandicoot. I remember guilty pleasures of stealing a car, then running over a couple of people for kicks in Grand Theft Auto 3. The two consoles kept me happy, even when times were sad. The consoles made me feel awesome, as I shared my high scores, or completed games, and discussed video games with friends. Playstation was part of my life. At that point in time, console wars didn't concern me, the games did. As long as I had quality games to play, I was satisfied.


At age of twelve, my family moved to the United States, from the Philippines. I had to leave behind both consoles. That was the year the Playstation 3 was announced, but there was no way my family could afford it, so my parents bought me used Playstation 2. After saving up money, for about three years, I finally got a Playstation 3. The sentence, "I was excited," could not describe how excited I was as I opened the box. Friends from left and right told me, "Oh, you should've bought a 360!" I ignored all of that. I knew what the Playstation brand could offer, therefore picking a console was not difficult. This was when I realized I was gamer all along. I didn't have much money to buy games with, but I was content with what I had. Through the next couple of years the Playstation 3 gave me more memorable experiences like the ones before: Getting perfect games with my Road to the Show character in MLB the Show, the feeling of being Indiana Jones in every Uncharted game, reliving memories of my childhood as I raced in Gran Turismo 5, electrocuting thugs in Infamous, making levels of my own in Little Big Planet, and seeing Kratos bring with him chaos to Olympus.


And then Sony took it to the next level. Games such as Sly Cooper or Jak and Daxter, games that I've played before were being released as collections, and that sense of nostalgia that every review of game collections such as these emphasized, I have experienced myself.


Now, at the age of 19, Playstation is still a big part of my life. After a day filled with stress in class, I always found myself playing games, relaxing, remembering the good days as I battle through the bad. I now own two Playstation 3's, and all the rumors of the next console makes me wonder what experiences they would bring, Money may become an issue as it releases, but you can bet I'll buy it soon enough. The Playstation brand has been there since my childhood, and I hope that it would still be there once I have children of my own, so I can share my experiences with them as they make their own. Playstation has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.


Thank you for reading. 

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