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What the PlayStation Brand Gave My Brother and I

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My first experience with the PlayStation brand was December 25, 1996. Back then I was a pimply faced hiigh school sophomore who wanted nothing more for Christmas than the newly released Nintendo 64. I had grown up on Nintendo since my older brother convinced me to ask for one for Christmas in 1986 when I was only 6. At the time I had no idea what a Nintendo was but I basically did whatever my older brother who was 9 told me to. That year I asked for a Nintendo and he asked for the games. The funny thing about this is he wouldn't let me play his games even though he could only play them on my Nintendo. I guess I wasn't old enough or smart enough to tell him he couldn't play his games on MY Nintendo if I wasn’t allowed to play HIS games.


Anyway I digress, back to the story, then on Christmas day 1991 my brother and I both got a Super Nintendo for Christmas. I guess my mom had learned from the fighting over the Nintendo and decided we both needed our own Super Nintendo. As you can see it had  also become a tradition that my brother and I would get video game consoles for Christmas. It had also become a tradition that we spent many hours at night and on rainy days playing video games together (when my brother actually let me play). On Christmas Eve in 1996 my brother (who was home from college) and I were playing Tecmo Super Bowl III, I believe it was our 20th season or something, on the Super Nintendo and I said to him "I can't wait to play the N64 tomorrow". He turned and said to me "look I have something to tell you". At this moment I realized I wasn't getting a N64. He proceeded to tell me how my mom and spent many months looking for an N64 and couldn't find one. She had been upset because she knew I really wanted one and had called him to ask him what she should do. He had told her to buy me a PlayStation because I would like it better. At this point, I asked him "what the @!^* is a PlayStation". He told me to calm down then explained that it just came out the year before and his friend had one. He said it was better than the N64 because it used CDs instead of cartridges. He talked the PlayStation up pretty good but I was still disappointed when I went to bed.


The next morning when I opened the present that was my PlayStation I acted surprised and didn't show that I was mad that it wasn't and N64. My brother immediately started giving me the same speech he gave me the night before but in front of my mom this time. We hooked it up and to this day I still remember the excitement I felt when it first turned on and made that sound, that's similar to the sound dial up internet makes, the PS1 always made when you first turned it on. I fell in love with the PlayStation and the PlayStation brand from that first moment we turned it on that Christmas morning. I would sell my Game Boy and 20 games a few weeks later to get money to buy more PS1 games. The first Christmas the PS2 came out guess what was under my mom's Christmas tree waiting for me. But at this point my brother was away in the military and our time playing video games together was over. Or at least we thought it was until the network adaptor came out. We both bought it and EverQuest Online Adventures and spent hours playing it and games like Madden and NCAA Football online together. By the time the PSP came out I had a job and pre-ordered it online. When the PS3 was released my brother and I were back living together. We both were in the Air Force stationed on the same base and had picked up our childhood habit of playing video games together, mostly Madden and NCAA Football on the PS2. He bought a PS3 the second week it was out and we first fell in love with the system playing hours and hours of Resistance: Fall of Man on co-op. By the time the Metal Gear Solid PS3 bundle came out I knew it was time for me to buy own PS3. Eventually both my brother and I would get married and I would leave the Air Force but we still play NCAA Football online together.


Since that first Christmas morning back in 1996 when I first turn on the PS1 I have only owned PlayStation brand systems and as long as Sony continues to make PlayStations I will continue to support them. The PlayStation brand has became a part of our daily lives and it has giving us a bond far beyond the bond of two brothers. THANK YOU PLAYSTATION and THANK YOU INEXPECTATUS for telling mom to buy me that first PlayStation.


Long Live Play!



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Re: What the PlayStation Brand Gave My Brother and I

Sep 4, 2012

interesting story.

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