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Re: Name of FFX-FFX-2 HD Song?

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Mar 28, 2014



KANE-FIRE wrote:

BortLicensePlate wrote:

Box9Missingo wrote:

It's called "Zanarkand".


Link to more info about it


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It's really beautiful, isn't it? Robot Happy

Well I appreciate the reply and yes that song is beautiful it's not the one I am looking for.


I want the name of the song that plays at the Collection's main menu. The menu lets you choose if you want to play FFX or FFX2 or watch the bonus stuff. I want the song of the theme that plays on that menu please!


You mean this?


Yep that's it WOOT. I just made it to Zanarkand Ruins and heard this theme I was looking for, so you could also call it Z-Ruins theme.


Thanks everyone for all your replies. This song is awesome especially in the context of what's going on in the story.


Also this song below rules too!


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