Oct 27 2012
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What happen with the great games on vita?

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Im here because i wonder why perfect games like King of fighters,parasite eve ps one remake,god of war,kingdom hearts and maaaany other great games will not be able to be in this console.I was thinking of buying a new sega dreamcast for only a few games:

Skies of arcadia,spawn in the demon hand,shennmue,illbleed,cannon spike others,why not make them work with you on those perfect games it will be awesome,i know is not easy to make but you have to try it.I will pay for sure for skies of arcadia,shennmue and illbeed those were and they are great games.I hope for the king of fighters release on this console,remember,the creator said im exited to work on ps vita if it comes the oportunity but it depends of the sony company not from us.Im sure everyone will pay for that game and for the other ones i said before.Sorry my bad english im from Argentina Smiley Very Happy

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Re: What happen with the great games on vita?

Oct 27, 2012

No one ever said they weren't going to be. They just haven't been released yet.


I really don't understand people like you, just like people begging for GTA right now. If it was on the PSP in several forms even God of War what would seriously make you think they aren't going to put them on the Vita? It just doesn't make sense to me.


Why on earth would you buy a Dreamcast as well? It can be easily emulated on PC, I don't know maybe you don't have a gaming PC but I have Dreamcast on my PC and about every game worth playing to boot than can be scaled up to 1080p just fine also.


I guess if you don't have a gaming PC sure go ahead and buy it, if not I would save my money if I was you.


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