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Re: What games are you interested in for the NGP?

Apr 15, 2011

PhantomOfPanton wrote:

AHHHHHH why not just go with SD cards?! D:

Thats the only thing I really want in terms of external storage! They are cheap and come in great sizes! Please Sony!


SD are you serious did you see my NGP's NVG thread.


There's the NVG and there is the SD memory card. Two separate slots for those No I'm going fail.(granted the UMD space could be replaced by two SD size reader slots IMHO) If not the current new external media memory (XMM) which will get cheaper over the NGP life time that is currently being used with the PSP Go (M2) or the MicroSD being as it will be the XMM for the Xperia Play (thus any PS Content on it can easily be moved to the NGP for what ever reason or any other reasons of such a sweet ability 1 XMM for both devices)

m2_16gblarge.jpg or  microsdhc_32gb_product_204x163.jpg

If not then they better go with the original (that I feel regardless the space save issue they should have kept for the PSP Go) the "Pro Duo". Which I don't see why they can't being as the NGP is back to the PSP size and it used a UMD as the game media not this new smaller NVG so it would seem a pro duo can fit once again or as I said before two SD size readers side by side with no discrimination on which one is used for the game and the other for the XMM.


But lets keep it real though...they can make "MO Money!" off of using M2's or just releasing an all new XMM. To use SD or pro duo again is like handing out the cure to a deadly disease there's no money in that. I would be happy and shocked if Sony used either SD or pro duo in the NGP for the XMM but I highly doubt they will do that.

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