Jun 04 2014
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What do you think we will see in this game?

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I am not quite sure what we will see in the game but I'd like to start this thread to see if we as a community can brainstorm on what we might see. So I provided some info on what I have found and some prior knowledge that I have on the subject. Everyone feel free to add onto this. Smiley Very Happy I'd like to know what you guys think as well.

So let's begin...

The Knights of the Round Table are known to be protectors of humanity and mentioned in previous interviews with Read At Dawn it seems like they are following that trend. 
Here is some background info on the original Knights of the Round Table to get you familiar with them.

I don't think they will go into the birth of King Arthur in the game but I feel he will be a key part considering King Arthur is the leader of the knights of the round table. Merlin might not be in it and if he is in the game he may appear as a scientist/alchemist possibly engeneering the advanced weapons you see in the gameplay. 

Now something that I want to see and hope will be included are Werewolves and Vampires. Possibly some other mythical creatures that would make since in the setting that this takes place in. I say this because I like the merging of our timeline and a hypothetical timeline. 

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Re: What do you think we will see in this game?

Jun 28, 2014
The car! Since, you know, the first automobile came out in 1886. Not likely, but
cool if it does.
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