May 15 2012
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What Headset should I buy?

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Hey guys,

I'm looking into buying a new gaming headset for my PS3, and I've come down to a few options, I can always change convert them into surround sound headsets using turtlebeaches dss device.

So my two options at the moment, are:

- PX21 (Wired, Variable Chat/Bass Boost)

- PX3 (Wireless, Programmable Chat/Bass Boost)

Both of these headsets are decent, and seem to have the same specifications. Only a few differences.

The Programmable chat boost allows you to change it out of the box more specifically. The Variable only allows you to change a few dials on the remote thingy.

Wireless interference is one of the things coming to my mind with the px3's, however I don't think i'll be playing more then 2 meters away from the transmitter.

Please don't spam or troll.


EDIT: x12's/x41's are also an option (Already done my research on how to set them up with a ps3 so that really isn't a problem).
Also if your wondering and have a different suggestion my budget is anything upto: £80

Really interested in the x41's so if you have anymore info on the difference in quality between them and the px21's I would really appreciate that.

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Re: What Headset should I buy?

May 15, 2012

Wireless interference shouldn't be much of a problem. You can adjust your wireless router channel frequency if you think it's interfering with your wireless headset.

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Re: What Headset should I buy?

May 16, 2012

i have the turtle beach p11 cause its the cheapest tb for the ps3..

After researching both,

You cant go wrong with both px21 and px3... however i heard some stories about the px21 breaking easily like the left or right side ear cup will just break from the headband

Whats good about the px3 is what u said, the programmable chat boost AND game sound.. which means there are audio presets that can help u in games that u can customize for the headset.. i heard there is footsteps, superhuman hearing and other pre sets which is good if you can afford the px3.

Px3 has lots of good features too compared to px21 like sonic lens, sonic silencer, ear guard blast limiter, etc  and its speakers is 50mm compared to px21 which is 40mm.

the px3 wireless is good too compared to p11 get tangled alot but i managed to have the cord in order and not tangled.

however, i heard that if you have lots of wireless stuff around u, there might be problems but i have not tested it out as i do not owned a wireless headset before but i saw that the freq is 2.404ghz to 2.47ghz but im not sure if the diff will help when ur near the router or wireless devices.

So, if you are sure that you are gonna be playing hardcore and have the money, then buy the px3 as it has lots of features.

However, if you are casual to not so hardcore gamer and you wanna save some money then the px21 or even the p11 is good enough.. even if you are hardcore gamer and want to save the money i think the px21 is more than enough

You might wanna get a 2 years warranty on the headset if you buy it on bestbuy so u can change it no question asked when it breaks or if a newer model comes out.

oh and i dont think the x42 (newer model of x41) isnt compatible with xbox.

Hope this helps.. feel free to correct me if any of the stuff i wrote was wrong

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