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Welcome to PS General

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Welcome to the PlayStation General Forum for North America.


Not what you were looking for? Perhaps these links will help: 

Support Forum |   US PlayStation Site   |   PlayStation Network Service Status  | Country Selector


The PlayStation General board is for all conversations about PlayStation.


This includes:


  • PlayStation games (both PlayStation exclusive and multiplatform titles)
  • PlayStation services such as PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now & PlayStation Vue
  • Any PlayStation hardware or peripherals

All from the past, present and upcoming!


Below are some handy tips to read before using this forum:




Using the forum search feature is often a good way to first check if your topic is already in discussion. You can access the Forum Search by clicking here.




To reply to an existing discussion thread you can either press the reply.pngbutton on the first post, or the reply1.png  button on any of the replies.


Posting new topics:


You can also post about new topics if they’re not already in discussion. You can click on the startcon.pngbutton to create a new topic. 



Support Boards:


If you have a support related question or issue, please visit the North American PlayStation Support Boards by clicking here.



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