Apr 26 2012
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Warhawk stats not adding up

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I've started playing Warhawk again after a couple of years break.

I'm noticing that in some games, the points that I accumulate are not adding onto my stats.

Also in one particular game, I had 17 kills and 5 deaths and I was awarded a ribbon for the best KDR and during the game I was awarded a badge at "master" level for reaching 500 troop kills. 

After this game, I looked in my stats and these hadnt been added on, this was yesterday, so I cant see them going on now.

I've just finished a game with 102 points and these havent been added either.

There seems to be too many problems with the points going on, I could be losing hundreds of points and not realising it at times.

Will Sony please bring out a new patch to fix these problems.

95% of games I play are on the official servers, when I play on player ranked games, I dont seem to have any problems.  I just sometimes prefer the official, especially the FCTF

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Re: Warhawk stats not adding up

Jul 18, 2012

No points or anything adding up here for the past 2 days! Really annoying!

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