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Re: Wake Up Club (Vita) Patch? Fix?

Apr 15, 2013

I had an issue where it didn't work several mornings in a row. I had given up on the application, this was after using it around 39-40 times. I had purchased a new vita memory card and thought I'd try it again for fun. It works on the new memory card.


To the others that say it doesn't work becuase no Wi-Fi isn't true either. My DSL mdoel/wireless has an issue where after 14 days or so the wireless stops transmitting. It stopped last night and wasn't working when the Vita alarm (wake up club mode) went off this morning. It looked same as it ever was, only difference was that there was only filler members in the club.



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Re: Wake Up Club (Vita) Patch? Fix?

Apr 18, 2013

Hi Twindad, could you elaborate on your story? What exactly did a new memory card fix for you? Was your alarm not going off at all before? Or was it the social features that were malfunctioning like me?


In the morning do you ever get "cheered" or are you given the opportunity to cheer for real users and not just fake bots that wake up with a few taps? Could you potentially get anywhere from 1st to 12th place? Because none of that stuff works for me.

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