Apr 08 2012
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Vita, the good, the bad and your input on how to make it better.

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I love my new Vita, when I compare it to other devices, it's better and less great in some aspect of the console.


-Gorgeous OLED screen.  16.7 million colors.

-Powerfull Multi-Core Processor.  Capable of multi-tasking.

-Amazing Crystal Clear quality sound coming from a Vita headset.

-Dual Analog sticks, well adjusted to be convenient to transport.

-Tons of innovating technologies.  Touchscreen/pad, Motion-sensors, AR camera at 120fps high speed video, multi connectivity B-T With-fi 3G.

It's really capable of creating innovating gameplay never before seen on any platform.


-Internet connection is required for everything.

-Speakers on the Vita are lackluster, they don't provide an adequate sound power or quality.

-Camera's MP picture quality is very low. 0.7 MP.

-Small buttons.

Internet connection, OK, I get why you would need one to download games, go on the psn for apps etc. 

But why the hell do we need an connection to transfer pictures, music and videos from your ps3 to your Vita!??!

It doesn't make sense, we don't need to be connected to do that with other devices.

For people who doesn't have the Internet, it's a big let down from Sony. 

If you want more people to buy your Vita, well render it compatible without An Internet connection.

Japan was hit hard with the tsunamis, it's not like everyone got their Internet back when you just lost everything, so people are buying the user-without-Internet-friendly PSP instead.

The speakers are almost on mute, you need to boost it's sound, have speakers like the Black Berry Playbook, they are 'smaller' and would be perfect if you could curve thoses same speakers and place them on the sides of the Vita.  My Playbook shakes when it's at full blast, that's what I want with my Vita.

Granted, the video camera of the Vita is excellent and very Fast at 120fps, however, the image quality of the camera is only 0.7 MP.

I know it just launch, but I believe it would be possible to boost the quality of the MP on the camera, maybe on the frontal camera?

Some people doesn't like the small buttons, personally I doesn't bother me one bit, but I would love to see an X-tra Large Vita with around 6'' inch to 7'' (6'' 1/2) OLED screen with larger buttons.  Naturally, I don't expect it to arrive this year nor the begging of the next, but, it's something to think about, given the DS did that.

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